Wedding Ceremonies

Congratulations.... you are getting married!

This is going to be one of the most exciting days of your life...

and I am here to make it the best it can be.... fun, perfect, memorable and stress free.


My job is to cover all of the legal requirements, keep you calm and relaxed and ensure the ceremony runs smoothly.


You may wish to marry on the summit of Mt Wellington or the beaches of Freycinet... with only two friends to witness or a large gathering of family and the masses - all there to witness your commitment and dedication of love for each other.


I can also accommodate Renewal of Vows ceremonies


Contact me to save the date and make an appointment to meet and discuss your choices and dreams for the perfect day.




Sample Ceremony Layout


Welcome (Optional):
• To Family and Friends, acknowledging ancestors, family not present and/or guests from overseas

Introduction of couple (Optional):
• An introduction on you both, how you met
•Sharing your values and views on marriage
•Acknowledging the love and support of your friends and families
•Acknowledging your children and family
•The opportunity to introduce the members of the bridal party to your guests

Introduction of celebrant (mandatory):
•Introduce myself
•Explanation from the Marriage Act to state the authority of the celebrant and explaining what marriage means according to the law in Australia

Giving away/ Parental blessing (Optional):
•Although the Bride's father usually gives her away, other people may do so. Her mother may perform this ritual or both parents together
•Other family members or friends may also be requested to give the bride to the care of the Groom, and the reciprocal may also be done, with both parties being given away to each others care

Authorisation/Monetum (mandatory):
•It is a requirement of the Marriage Act 1961, that I say the following:

“Before you are joined in marriage, in my presence and in the presence of these witnesses, I am bound to remind you of the serious and binding nature of the relationship into which you are about to enter. Marriage, according to law in Australia, is the union of a man and a woman, to the exclusion of all others, voluntarily entered into for life"

Reading (Optional - may be inserted as and where you would like):
•A poem or verse read by the celebrant or by a family member or friend
•Alternatively a song

The Vows (mandatory):
•The Bride and Groom exchange their vows and make their legal commitment to each other
•You can write your own vows or use traditional vows
•I will help you to express what is important to you
•The legal requirements are for a minimum wording of...
“I, (bride), take you (groom) to be my husband” – or words to that effect

Symbolic action (Optional):
•Exchanging of rings
•Lighting Candles
•Sharing wine
•Exchanging gifts
•Exchange of garlands
•Hand fasting

•This also is an optional inclusion. It is not compulsory to exchange rings if a couple prefers not to. For those who wish to exchange rings, I provide a choice of prelude wording explaining the symbolism of the wedding ring. A further ring blessing is also a consideration. Some couples exchange other items at this point, such as a rose, jewellery item, photograph or personal verse

Declaration of marriage (Optional):
•Pronouncement of husband and wife
•The Kiss

Signing (mandatory):
•A short time out whereby the documentation is signed and witnessed (witnesses must be over 18), prior to the final presentation and conclusion to the service

•There are 3 documents to sign for the bride, groom, two witnesses and the celebrant

These are:
• Certificate of Marriage – this has the declaration on the reverse
• Another Certificate of Marriage, which is kept as the Register
• Marriage Certificate – for the couple to keep

Closing (Optional):
•Couples are presented formally to their guests in the manner which they are comfortable with, such as "It is now my pleasure to present Mr and Mrs Surname or John and Mary, your happily married couple

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