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Naming Ceremonies Rohan Stubbings Civil Celebrant

Naming Ceremonies

A naming ceremony is a unique occasion for everyone to  feel involved as they pledge their love and support for your  child’s future. I enjoy getting to know families to plan a  personal, creative and meaningful naming ceremony to be held in their home or other location. Godparents, guardians or mentors can be chosen as significant, supportive adults in your child’s life. I can also include grandparents and siblings with special roles within the ceremony.I will provide you with a beautifully presented copy of the ceremony and a choice of naming certificates for your child and their godparents.


What happens at a Naming Ceremony?


Ceremonies are designed to be approx 15 minutes in length.As a general guideline the ceremony usually includes the following:

• Introduction and welcome by the Celebrant

• Acknowledgements of special people in the child's life (such as grandparents)

• Recognition of Siblings and their inclusion in the ceremony

• Promises by Parents

• Godparents introduction, expectations and promises they would like to make to your   child

• Special Rituals (optional) - Such as a Naming Candle, Butterfly Release, Promise Box...

• The Naming of the Child

• Poems and Readings - these can anywhere throughout your ceremony as appropriate

• Signing of the Naming Book

• Presentation of the Certficates

• Final good wish or blessing delivered to the Child by the Celebrant

• Presentation of the Child for kisses and cuddles!

•A personalised naming certificate is presented to the child. Certificates for grandparents, God parents or guardians can also be arranged as required for a small fee per certificate.

• Naming Ceremonies as such, are usually not religious. However, as it is your ceremony, you can include as much, as little, or no religious content as you deem appropriate.

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